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The purpose of the International Value Investing Conference is to exchange ideas about value investing among financial professionals in an open and inspiring environment. Together with leading speakers from the world of value investing, the attendees will experience in-depth views as well as concrete investing ideas. The conference furthermore provides excellent networking opportunities. IVIC is not-for-profit: all net proceeds will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation

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IVIC 2019

The International Value Investing Conference will be held on November 6, 2019 at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Luxembourg. To kick off the conference, an exclusive dinner will be organized for speakers and attendees on November 5, 2019. Well-known speakers at IVIC 2019 include Alex Roepers, Léon Kirch, Kurt Kara and many others.

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01 11/19 01/11/2019

In his most recent and highly recommendable book called “Propaganda”, German author Steffen Kopetzky describes the work of Sykewar, the Propaganda-department of the US Army during WWII and later during the Vietnam war. Sykewar produced flyers and propaganda material with the aim to hamper the moral of the enemy troops. The hero of the book is participating for his propaganda work in one of the biggest and deadliest battles for the US Army of WWII, the so-called All Saints battle in the Huertgenwald in the German Eifel where more than 15.000 US soldiers lost their lives. What the US Army experienced in this battle was so difficult that it could not be used in any propaganda material.

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