“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” - Warren Buffett

Our mission

The goal of the International Value Investing Conference is to exchange ideas about value investing among financial professionals in an open and inspiring environment. Together with leading speakers from the world of value investing, the attendees will experience in-depth views as well as concrete investing ideas. The IVIC seeks to collect money for charity: all net proceeds will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation.
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2017 edition

This year, the International Value Investing Conference will be held in Luxembourg, the financial center of Europe. Well-known speakers include the likes of Alex Roepers, Bob Robotti, and many others.

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Value investing

Value investing is a contrarian investment style that sets out to find companies trading below their intrinsic value. One could argue these companies are traded at a “discount”, often referred to as the margin of safety. Indeed, if a company is already traded below its intrinsic value, then the risk of further price decreases is limited. Protection against downside risk is a key component of the value investing approach, as the primary investment goal is preservation of capital.

Warren Buffett is the living value investor legend who has demonstrated that value investing can accumulate wealth beyond anybody’s imagination. He took over Berkshire Hathaway more than 50 years ago and turned the share price from $10 to $267,000 and he is still adding value at an age of 87 years.
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Who should attend?

The event is intended for buy-side professionals specifically, such as:

Family Offices
Foundations / Endowments
Insurance Co. Investment Offices
Pension Funds
Sovereign Wealth Fund
Fund of Funds
Institutional Fund Managers
Wealth Managers / Advisors
High Net Worth Individuals
Investment Bankers
Private Equity Managers
Hedge Funds

Charitable benefactor: investing in saving lives

The International Value Investing Conference commits itself to donate a significant portion of revenues to a charitable benefactor. The Conference regards investing in saving human lives a greater purpose and commits itself to maximizing social returns. For this edition, the Against Malaria Foundation has been selected as charitable benefactor. Click here to learn more about the foundation and our commitment.

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