Our Mission

The goal of the International Value Investing Conference is to exchange ideas about value investing among financial professionals in an open and inspiring environment.

Twelve leaders from the world of value investing will share their investment philosophy and discuss at least one investing idea each, so that attendees will gain insight into both the due diligence process as well as gain interesting investment cases.

There will be extensive networking opportunities during the conference, allowing attendees to exchange ideas with other people interested in the value investing philosophy.

Attendance is limited to 150 people, so be sure to reserve your seat today!

The set-up

During a 30 minute presentation, each speaker provides interesting investing ideas/philosophies and discusses at least one compelling investment in an undervalued company of his/her own choosing. The goal is to understand how different investment professionals perform their due diligence and analyze potential companies to invest in.

The attendees

The event is intended for buy-side professionals specifically, such as:

Family Offices
Foundations / Endowments
Insurance Co. Investment Offices
Pension Funds
Sovereign Wealth Fund
Fund of Funds
Institutional Fund Managers
Wealth Managers / Advisors
High Net Worth Individuals
Investment Bankers
Private Equity Managers

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