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Investing In Saving Lives

03-10-2018 15:22,
Paul Smeets

Dr. Paul Smeets is Associate Professor in Sustainable Finance at Maastricht University. He spent years studying investing and philanthropy and publishes about his research in both academic journals and the renowned press. Furthermore, Paul heads the Charity Commission of the International Value Investing Conference.

Investing In Saving Lives

Paul: “Investment decisions are founded on solid research, to achieve a sufficient return on investment. In making donation decisions, effective altruism is a useful way to scientifically determine how to maximize the return on a donation.”

“Effective altruism entails striving to achieve the highest possible return on a donation. Thus, how can one make the largest possible difference in the world per donated euro? The scientific community has been studying this question for years. Numerous studies indicate that the most effective way to save lives is through providing malaria bed nets treated with insecticide. The Against Malaria Foundation has been named the most effective charity according to renowned website Givewell.org. The International Value Investing Conference has therefore selected the Against Malaria Foundation as charitable benefactor to which all net conference proceeds will be donated.”

“The choice of IVIC to support effective altruism fits within a growing trend. For example, Bill Gates employs effective altruism within the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Each year, IVIC will report how many lives have been saved and protected by the donations through the conference.”

Paul Smeets will be discussing Investing in Saving Lives before the IVIC dinner on October 23rd.


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