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IVIC 2017 Idea Contest Winner Nicholas Chung

04-10-2018 09:31,
Nicholas Chung

Nicholas Chung has won the 2017 IVIC idea contest by writing a brief analysis of the Bank of Greenland, and consequently presented his idea during the conference. Below he describes how he experienced last year’s conference.

Nicholas: “As a graduate student in finance, it was an enriching experience being able to apply my theoretical education in the real world preparing an actionable buyside investment case. You are given the inspiring and humbling opportunity to present the idea alongside some of the leading value investors, allowing you to also hone your presentation skills in a professional setting. Furthermore, you are also given the chance to learn about the investment strategies and thought process of the speakers while also being able to network, speaking with potential mentors and employers. I would highly recommend aspiring finance students seeking to challenge themselves and make the most of their education by participating in such a unique and wonderful opportunity. Thank you again for the invitation and I look forward to joining the next!”

About the IVIC Idea Contest

For the upcoming conference, another idea contest is organized. The contest provides a select group of individuals the opportunity to join the conference free of charge. The goal is to promote the value investing methodology among analysts and academics.

To be eligible to attend this unique event, we ask participants to write a paper about value investing (two to four pages, excluding appendices). This could be a paper proving that value investing outperforms other investment styles, an analysis of an undervalued company, an analysis of (the performance of) value investing funds, or a completely different topic. Students are free to choose the topic they desire.

Participants that provide the most interesting paper(s) will be invited to the conference as VIP guests. There is no predetermined amount of participants that will be selected, IVIC holds the discretion to decide the number of selected participants. The participant(s) with the best paper furthermore gets the opportunity to present his/her paper at the conference in a brief ten minute presentation.

Entering the contest

Interested in participating? Please send your paper, including your name and contact details, to Michael Gielkens at contest@iviclux.com before the deadline of October 12th.



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